AirDisk Pro gets update and jumps to $1.99

I knew it would happen, the price of AirDisk Pro is already on the ride. I grabbed this app for $0.99 and think it’s fantastic for quickly getting docs and photos onto the iPad or iPhone. But, 99 cent apps don’t last forever and AirDisk Pro is going up in price. If you haven’t grabbed a copy you better get a move on. Like a lot of other great apps, GoodReader, these introductory prices don’t last forever and once the word gets out, the price goes up and stays there. I grabbed GoodReader when it was $0.99 and use that app all the time. I made several posts about it and then watched as the price crept up to $4.99; the same price it is today. And GoodReader has been a wonderful investment. Plus, AirDisk Pro and GoodReader beautifully together.

I’m sure you’ve got a few extra coins lying around in the couch. Round them up and grab this app. Even at $1.99 it’s still a hell of a deal and you’ll find yourself using it all the time. You always wanted to use the iPad as thumb drive right?

AirDisk Pro – Wireless Flash Drive


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