What would you do with $100 billion?

I’m reading these articles about Apple and their $100 Billion in cash surplus. Not that Apple is worth $100 billion, but they actually have that available to spend. They have cash money! I mean holy shit! That is an incomprehensible amount of money. What the heck would you buy with that? To me, $100 million is beyond the scale of spending. You would have to be buying the most ridiculous and stupid stuff to spend that. How could you spend $100 million on things you actually need like a house, car and vacations? In reality that would be more than you could spend in a lifetime without buying a fleet or Ferrari’s. What could Apple possibly spend that $100 billion on? Sure they could buy some companies, pay out some dividends, raise some salaries, and still have tens of billions of dollars left over. Even with their best efforts I don’t think they could actually spend that kind of cash.

Well it looks like Apple will give out $40 billion in dividends and use $10 billion to buy back stock. They will keep half the money in the bank and keep the rest to improve their own financial situation. Not a bad plan though. Good idea to keep the money in their own pocket. I didn’t think they would buy another company. I don’t think they need anybody right now. And buying a dozen regular companies wouldn’t make a dent in that capital. I do think it’s funny that Apple is now worth more than Microsoft and Google combined. When Apple was struggling and had to accept that $200 million from Microsoft, who knew it would turn out like this?

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