Poker Pals – Good, but it could be better

I’m a sucker for poker games so a combination of poker and Scrabble grabbed my attention. It sounds like a great idea in theory and it does work pretty well, but it feels like something is missing with Poker Pals.

The basic premise is this, you try to make poker hands using the cars in your hand to extend the cards that have already been played. Like Scrabble, you build off other hands to create an even more powerful hand for yourself. It’s a great idea, but the execution isn’t all that thrilling. The game isn’t bad, but I feel it was lacking something. It doesn’t have that thrill like Swords and Poker. The Scrabble element is there, but it doesn’t do much to enhance the game. It’s a nice addon, but it needs more. You can place cards anywhere so you don’t get that same sense of strategy. It’s not like Scrabble where you’re only one letter away from using all the tiles. You can lay one card and at least make a pair. That one card doesn’t have to play into the hand surrounding it.

I think this game has a lot of potential, but after playing a few rounds with the free game I was glad I didn’t spend the $1.99 for the full version. I really like the idea, I’d just like to see more from it. For poker games with a twist I’ll stick to Swords and Poker.

At the very least give the free version a try.

Poker Pals HD Free

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