Zombieville USA 2

I’m not sure how I feel about this game. I like the graphics, I like the weapons, I like that you just start over when you get turned into zombie chow, and I think I like the timer. But I’m not so sure about that thumbstick controller. It’s too easy to slide out of the space and then your character stops moving. Seconds later his head is being eaten. There is also doing a lot of the same levels over and over again to try and get cash and weapons. It also seems like the graphics are a little too big, like the main character takes up too much of the screen.

Fans of the original will have to get use to the new movement controls, they are vastly different. Yes, you will hit and miss a lot more often. Overall the game is still a great value at $0.99 and give you tons of replay value. This is a new game with a new style and I have no doubt plenty of tweaks will be forthcoming. I have no doubt any shortcomings will be addressed. If you’re looking to turn zombies into meaty chunks this version should satisfy.

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  • sanspantalones says:

    Ha ha! Check this out. A few hours after I made my comment a new update comes out that addresses the navigation and money drops. More cash, more guns, bring it on!

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