Defy the laws of physics with Bike Baron

Now this is what I like to see, an outrageous and ridiculous game that’s a hell of a lot of fun and costs only a dollar. Bike Baron by Mountain Sheep is just such a game. You play the Bike Baron, some sort of strange motorcycle riding stunt man with a devil may care attitude and a toy teddy bear (or it is a cat?) strapped to the back of his bike. Your goal is to complete the outrageous course, collect the coins and reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. The course is a series of jumps, loops and pitfalls that you have to negotiate with the right amount of speed and finesse. It’s also mined with explosives that will send you flying should you over or under shoot. And you do all this to the cheers of excitement and screams of panic as you defy death and destruction.

This game is outlandish is every way, which is why I like it so much. You can do wild jumps, back flips, front flips and fall right off the bike if you’re not careful. You can defy gravity and common sense. And when you wreck you do it up right. You don’t just fall off or fall down, you get your head stuck in the ground, or in the ramp. The bike explodes and the pieces rain down on you. You miss the jump, hit the barrel full of danger and get blown across the screen with arms flailing as you grunt and groan.

There are dozens of challenges, but if you get bored of those, you can always make your own with the level editor or download more content from other aspiring stunt geniuses. I find this game wildly fun and laugh at my inevitable crashes and horrific miscalculations. And these devs have done it the right way, you get a great game with simple mechanics, lots of levels with plenty of opportunity for expansion, they kept the price low and made it universal. I love that, I really do.

Now grab your helmet and get out there, there’s destruction and mayhem waiting!


Download Bike Baron from iTunes

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