I really like RapidPHP 2010

I’m not good at coding CSS, HTML or PHP, but if you work with a blog or anything else web related, eventually you’ll have to do something with it. RapidPHP is extremely proficient with all these languages and more. I can’t remember anything about syntax, but RapidPHP keeps things sorted out. It’s a very nice IDE that understands what you’re doing and keeps you out of trouble. It also has this fantastic way of setting up custom input fields and building code snippets based on your input. I reuse the same code over and over again, but change the URL and image source. Instead of copying and pasting and perhaps forgetting to update the entries, I fill in two or three input fields and the entire string is built. I find the more I use it the more useful it becomes. I should have bought the updated 2011 version from Bits Du Jour the other day. Not to worry though, the full fledged WeBuilder 2011 will eventually show up and I’ll grab that.

Even though the name says PHP it handles, CSS, HTML, XML, Javascript, VBScript, Perl, Ruby and all sorts of other languages I know nothing about. Overkill? Maybe a little, but the parts I use it for are fantastic.

Give it a go for yourself.


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