Poor BlackBerry

So, I listened to the BlackBerry press conference this morning. Since we support dozens of BES servers it had an impact on our business and customers were calling in thinking their devices were all broken and servers were locked up. I feel bad for BlackBerry, they got totally shitcanned with this outage. I bet millions of people were affected since it spanned dozens of countries across multiple continents. I have to say I don’t understand the panic it caused though. People are all up in arms at RIM for the service being down. Mind you, these people could make a call, that wasn’t the problem. They couldn’t get email or send texts. I really don’t think that was worth the outcry and backlash they received. It’s called email, instant messaging, or picking up the phone and calling someone. Don’t sit there and bitch because you can’t get email when you have at least three other ways of getting in touch with someone. God forbid you get your hands on a laptop, netbook, iPad, Droid, desktop or any of the dozens of other Internet ready devices and contact someone. My God, when did we become so hapless that when one form of communication goes down on a specific device we shit ourselves and run around like the world has come to an end? It’s like the keyless entry battery dying and someone sitting in their driveway crying because they can’t get into their car. It’s called a key you moron! You can still open the door with it. Take two seconds and think! It’s amazing to me just how stupid the masses have become. Oh no, you can’t get email on a portable device for a day or two. Let’s all open the windows and jump out because life just isn’t worth living anymore! We are the most connected we have ever been in our lives, but when one of our little toys fails to function we lose our minds.

A colleague made a comment that RIM totally fucked up with a single point of failure for their router, which wasn’t true. The backup router didn’t kick in like it should. I admit, there should have been a backup to the backup, but all these people bitching about RIM are just as bad. With dozens of alternatives to communication, why are they so easily thwarted. If your entire life depends on you using a cell phone and if it turns off you’re stranded, you’re a fucking idiot. People need to learn to adapt. Christ, it’s not like they were stranded in the desert without food or something. I don’t think my comments were appreciated but tough shit. I just hate it when people depend on technology and forget to think for themselves. Technology is a convenience. It’s meant to help make life easier not make you a mindless drone. A device or product should make my life easier not make me someone who can’t function on my own.

Just think of the Internet went down for three days, there would be looting in the streets!

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