Amazon Kindle Fire – Tablet prices come tumbling down!

Amazon just lit a fire didn’t they? They just brought to bear a tablet for under $200. Sure, it has a smaller screen, less memory and less features of its direct competitor, the iPad, but does that really matter? It’s a full color, fully functional tablet that lets you play games, watch movies and browse the web. It even has Flash. It has the full backing of Amazon and it’s cloud video and music service. Further, it doesn’t require a USB cable or other “tethering” to activate. It might be a bit lighter on features, but might it be more convenient? Time will tell. But as we saw with the TouchPad, at this price, the Kindle Fire will be flying off the shelves. I couldn’t resist buying one for myself. That’s a damn good e-reader for the price (I want full color) so even it doesn’t shape up to be greatest device in the world, it’s still cheaper than an iPod so my music is covered and I can watch movies.

I haven’t been interested in the Kindle before, I bought the iPad to handle all my Kindle needs. But this one has piqued my interest and at this price I couldn’t resist. I think this proves the point, you don’t have to compete with the iPad feature for feature, you just need to offer the basic features we’re all looking for and slash the price. How long until the Kindle Fire is sold out?

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