Where did all the good desktop blogging software go?

Seems like just a year or so ago the web was flooded with all sorts of blogging tools. You almost couldn’t turn around without running into a new piece of blogging software. Strangely, things seem to have quieted down. Those apps are still out there, but so many of them haven’t been updated since 2009. Zoundry was an app I really liked, but it went open source and died on the vine. There were simple apps like BlogDesk, but that too has been abandoned. Of course, Microsoft came along with Live Writer, which has a lot of great futures, but the development is extremely slow. When it comes to Internet technologies, you can’t wait that long to update your app. Then we have apps like BlogJet, which looks interesting, but not head and shoulders above any of the other apps, and comes with a $30 price tag. That’s a bit bloody steep. I’m all for developers getting paid, but let’s be realistic here. Blog software is free, why in the hell is someone charging $30?

Even Microsoft Word has blogging features, but they leave a lot to be desired. The formatting is a little hard to work with I’m afraid. The paragraph spacing isn’t what you’d think it would be. What you see on the screen isn’t exactly what you see on your blog. That’s unfortunate since I write just about everything in Word so it would be so much easier just to publish from there. It’s ironic that you can copy and paste the Word text into Live Writer and it looks fine. Too bad the editor in Live Writer is slow and lacks any grammar checking.

So where did all the blogging software go? What are people using these days? I basically write everything in Word, then copy and paste to Live Writer. I then add any links and graphics to Live Writer. It works, but that’s just too many steps. Seems like there should be an easier way.

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