BloggerPlus – An excellent blogging tool for the iPad

I’ve just recently started using BloggerPlus (Blogger+) and I’m already impressed it’s features and usability. First off it’s one of the few blogging tools that integrates into Blogger by Google. But it also handles WordPress blogs with ease. So what makes it better than the free WordPress app? Quite simply Blogger+ handles adding hyperlinks and photos much better than the other apps. You can add labels and categories by pressing a button. You can add images and links to YouTube just as easily. You can post the same entry to multiple blogs and the account management is very good.

Once a post is completed you can send a copy in email as well as send a notification to Twitter or Facebook.

I haven’t done much blogging from my iPad because the tools have needed work. Specifically, adding photos and links has been too problematic. I think that is about to change with Blogger+.

If you’ve been looking for a solid blogging app for the iPad or you happen to use Blogger, then this is the app for you.

BloggerPlus for iPad

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