10 Talismans – A match 3 worth playing

I’m normally not a huge fan of match 3 games because I find them very repetitive and not that imaginative. 10 Talismans is an exception to that rules. It has wonderful and cute graphics, a fun little background song, and boards that are extremely fun to play. You are just matching tiles, you have to uncover all the squares and that may mean making a match on the same tile 2 or 3 times. All the will a wick burns to a huge barrel of gunpowder. This is a match 3 games actually offers a challenge and excitement.

As you may guessed the object is to get 10 talismans. To get a talisman you need to clear multiple levels. And each level has a unique and tricky layout. While you work you can link items together to get board clearing power-ups, free the hammer so you get that hard to reach tile and the hourglass to give yourself more time.

This game is a tremendous amount of fun and I’ve spent hours playing it.

Click the link below to check it out.

10 Talismans

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