Has Netflix sunk its own ship?

So, I’m reading the poll results and it looks like nearly 60% of the subscribers are going to bail out on Netflix because of the claimed price hike. I really have to question why. Sure, it used to be DVD and VOD were bundled under the same plan, but let’s be serious here that was way too damn cheap for Netflix to really make any money and we all knew it wouldn’t last. That was to get you hooked and thwart competitors.

$16 a month is still insanely cheap for the entertainment Netflix offers. Let’s put it this way, that is still less than going to the movies one time with a date/spouse/vagabond. For that same cost you get thousands of TV shows available at the click of a button and tens of thousands of movies including the latest releases. Any price hike is going to rub people the wrong way, but let’s keep this in perspective. If you only stream movies (which I think a lot of people will end up doing) or you just have a DVD sent you’re actually saving money.

People complain too much. $20 a month is still a lot cheaper than a standard cable bill or Direct TV. I’m not cancelling, Netflix is still a damn good deal.

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