iPad as a game console? Indeed.

So the new Airplay Mirroring, will that allow you to play all your iPad games on your TV if you have an Apple TV hooked up to it? From what I can tell it does and that means you have a pretty kick ass game console in your hand.

Sure, this will only work with iPad 2 and Apple TV, but what’s the big deal? Soon (by Christmas), there will be millions upon millions of iPad 2’s. And millions of game players. And after paying all that money for an iPad what’s another $100 to connect it to your TV? That’s throwaway money right there. Now you can play Need for Speed or Angry Birds or Real Racing 2 HD on your TV and get totally immersed with some of the cheapest games on the market. That sounds like a hell of a deal. Considering the cost of an Xbox or a tricked out gaming system and the cost of the games the price is cheaper for the iPad 2…

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