Oh Lord, Windows 8 on Tablet and PC and Mobile

Microsoft just isn’t getting it.

They need to stop trying to shoehorn a single OS into multiple devices. What they need to do is take a step back, pull out the absolutely best features from the Kernel and use that to write independent Operating Systems for each device they try to make. Why do you think making Windows 8 work on a tablet and desktop is a good idea? The interface and system requirements are so radically different the very idea seems moronic. Is it so lazy devs can compile and reuse the same code and make twice the money without any effort? Is that the hook MS is trying to float?

A tablet works differently than a desktop. The interface is different, the expectation is different, the apps are different. Filling up Word with 800MB of features that appeal to millions of people might work for the desktop, but a 600MB word processor on the tablet doesn’t work. It doesn’t need those features. It has to be small and practical. Pages is a full featured mobile word processor at less than 90MB. Come on Microsoft, start thinking. You need to start thinking about scale. Just because you can do something on a desktop doesn’t mean you can or want to do it on a tablet.

I love my iPad because of how efficient it is. The apps are small but feature rich. They load quickly and give me the core features. I want to write, not desktop publish. I want to quickly check and respond to email, not write stationary and add CSS code. By scaling back the useless features the iPad funnels you into getting the basics down which you can then finish up on your desktop if you need to. In some cases the apps have enough features in a small space to not need a desktop.

An OS that works on a PC, a tablet and a phone isn’t something to be proud of. It means you’re too lazy to separate out the core features and give customers exactly what they want. You want to blanket them with useless features and recycle a brand name nobody cares about anymore.

Why Windows 8 fails to learn the iPad’s lessons

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