Side scrolling Minecraft?

There is a lot of buzz starting about this new game called Terraria and how it could be the big Minecraft clone. It’s on sale at Steam for $9.99 and is doing some brisk business. It certainly has the Minecraft elements except it’s a side scrolling world rather than the blocky 3D world of Minecraft. It also looks to have a heavy emphasis on creating weapons and fighting monsters. From the look of things it’s more like Legend of Zelda meets Minecraft than anything else. It look pretty neat but I don’t feel it has the same immersion as Minecraft. The dungeon adventure aspect could be quite exciting for a lot of players where you get to make your own weapons and then take on the horde. It’ll be interesting to see how this game evolves. There is already talk of a port to iOS which I think I would be more interested in rather than the PC version.

What do you thing, is this going to topple the juggernaut that is Minecraft?


Terraria on Steam

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