Do I dare upgrade to iOS 4.3.2?

I’ve been holding off on upgrading my iPad to the 4.x series because of the battery drain issue. My iPod Touch used to last weeks between charges when I left it idle. Since I upgrade to 4.0 the charge seems to last only 4 days and then battery is completely dead. And this is with my not using it and no apps running, not even in the background. And since it’s a Touch I don’t have it getting SMS messages or the like with status updates of any kind.

Right now the iPad can sit for at least 4 days and still be at 99-98%. Considering the battery can’t be replaced, constantly recharging it seems a little on the problematic side. And when it drains that fast I’ll have to constantly check on it to make sure I can actually use the thing. I don’t always have the wall adapter with me.

So does 4.3.2 still cause massive power drains to the devices? Am I being paranoid? A couple of my apps are 4.x only already I know I’m missing out on a little, but I don’t want to be constantly recharging this thing either. I guess the answer is I just need to use the iPad all the time and then the power drain will be perfectly normal.

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