Windows Phone 7 gaming sales “disappointing”

I’m not trying to be rude here but this really shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise. The MS phone simply doesn’t have the adoption rate of the other platforms and integrating with the Xbox just isn’t that big of a deal. It’s an interesting concept but hardly all that practical. Sure, there is a want to play games that are similar to the console games, but just as many of us want something different, something unique to the platform. When the conversion rate is significantly higher on the other platforms it’s not going to take devs very long to focus all their attention elsewhere. And as we know the main driving force behind any computer platform is the games it offers. Without games you really don’t have much.

The developers, who did not wish to be named, went on to say that the conversion rates from trail/demo versions of Xbox LIVE titles on Windows Phone 7 to fully paid versions of the same games have been very low, with one saying "We are seeing a conversion rate of 10 percent, and the sales are still far from the numbers we are seeing on iOS,"

Windows Phone 7 gaming sales "disappointing"

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