The wireless keyboard is pretty damn excellent

I’ve only had the keyboard a week, but it has already proven to be quite useful. It’s extremely convenient and portable, plus it’s feature light. It took about two seconds to configure and then it was ready to go. I do find myself trying to reach for a mouse when I’m working with it. Old Windows habits die hard I suppose.

I was concerned about how much noise it makes when you type, however, it’s quieter than a regular keyboard. I believe it’s actually quieter than my laptop keyboard. I was sitting in a meeting the other day and you could barely hear me typing on it.

The layout of the keys takes a tiny bit of getting used to since I have a tendency to hit the "=" key when I want to hit the "Delete" key. Just a matter of layout though. I’ll hit it with practice.

I did take some chiding saying the iPad wasn’t usable as a business tool since I needed a "real" keyboard in order to type on it. I just replied that there were going to be too many mistakes made in this meeting for me to keep up and I need a keyboard capable of cataloging "the stupid".

Funny, there was a silence after that.

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