Death to the Zune

It seems the Zune is dead. Reports are coming in that MS has killed off the project, or at least killed it off as a standalone device. It looks like most of the technology will be rolled into the Windows 7 Phone (that doesn’t at all sound like an iPhone thing to do).

There was a time when I considered getting a Zune, but after talking with several people the small memory size and lack of content apps made me change my mind. It seemed like a good idea but didn’t have a big enough hook for me.

I thought the Zune HD was a bit of a scam to be honest. Using the HD moniker and justifying it by saying you had HD radio seemed a bit sketchy to me. Maybe others agreed.

I still think there is just too much competition in this market and MS isn’t offering enough bang for the buck. Android is making inroads but I think the MS phone lacks the punch needed to become a real player. The Kin has fallen, now the Zune. I think Windows Phone 7 will ultimately be a technological causality as well.

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