Atomic Browser is well worth the price

I’ve been using the Atomic Browser for a week now and I have to admit I didn’t realize how much I missed tabs. The Safari is browser is fine, but once you work with tabs and saving files to Dropbox from within the browser Safari starts to take on a bit of tarnish. It’s not quite a stinky like IE6, but you readily see the lack of features.

I was looking up recipes over the weekend and being able to simply click the tab to compare ingredients between multiple sites was fantastic. Plus, I’ve had no issues with viewing sites, creating bookmarks or any of the other standard browser features. I’ve since replaced Safari on the launch bar and will be using atomic browser from this point forward.

It’s odd, this is very similar to how I felt when I ditched IE for Firefox back in the FF 2.x days.

At a mere $0.99 I see no reason not to switch.

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