Cut the Rope HD

So I finally tried Cut the Rope (Holiday Gift) last night and all the reviews are right, that game is really good. Like Cover Orange my plan was just to try out a couple of levels and see what all the fuss was about. Curse these wicked games and their deceptively easy start! I breezed through the first few levels and then came the bubbles and the teleporting Christmas Stockings and the squeeze bottle and the uncontrollable desire to grab all three stars! And before I knew it I’d finished all the levels in the demo and felt like OnNom when the candy goes flying off the screen; full of disappointment and wanting for more! Damn this puzzle addiction!!

I’m gonna have to get the full version of this game too! Although, I’m beginning to wonder if I have the coordination necessary to actually complete all the levels. Things got a bit frantic on some of those levels.


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