Why can’t I find a decent RSS Reader for the iPad?

Why is it I can’t find an RSS Reader for the iPad that doesn’t suck? I spent last night downloading app after app just to turn right around and delete them because they were all complete junk. First off, why do they all have to hook into Google Reader? That’s completely pointless. I don’t want to go through Google Reader and if I did, why would I need a reading app? My Lord, not everything has to involve Google!

The couple that didn’t require a Google account were complete crap. They had absolutely horrid UI’s, half the time they couldn’t find the articles and if they did they only loaded the first couple of lines and then made me load the whole website to read the rest. Hasn’t anyone heard of the idea of offline reading? These apps are massively flawed. And my God, where do people get off charging $4.99 for a reader that can barely keep a 1 star rating? Some of these devs are daft!

I really would have though some great things would be going on in this category, but every app I looked at it was complete rubbish. Not one of them was worth owning.

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