Price Drop on Awesome Note for iPad

I’ve been searching for the best note taking apps for the iPad and think I have found them in Notebooks for iPad and Chapters – Notebooks for Writing, however, one of my personal favorites Awesome Note for iPad has dropped the price of their excellent note taking app. For a very limited time they are offering a 40% discount and have dropped the price to $2.99. That is a great deal for this excellent application!

Had Awesome Note come out before I made the purchase for Notebooks for iPad it would have been a real head scratcher as to which one to get. In fact it still is. I think both apps are simply fantastic (I have Awesome Note for the Touch). They both have some excellent features but they do target a slightly different audience. But either way, this is a great app and a very good price. If you’re looking for a solid and feature rich note taking app then give this a try and let me know what you think.





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