Video Converter Ultimate 6 is a brilliant video converter

Since VLC has caused more problems than it’s solved and has subsequently been removed from the app store I’ve been watching movies and TV episodes inside of Goodreader for the iPad. And I’ve been converting the videos using Xilisoft’s Video Converter Ultimate 6, which has turned out to be a brilliant piece of software.

It can pretty much convert between any video formats out there, but what I like it that it has multiple settings for the iPad. Also, it is multicore aware so it blazes through conversions. The interface is dead simple to work with and you can queue up all manner of files and just let it rip. Over the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with several conversion utilities and this one works the best for me. What makes it even better is that I managed to get my copy during a free giveaway. But after converting dozens of files I feel it’s really worth the asking price. It really can convert just about anything.

If you’re looking to make MP4 or even AVI files then this is the tool to work with. You never know though, they might give it away again…

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