I really like Appigo ToDo

As you may recall I bought this app for the iPad and the Touch when it went on sale over Christmas. And so far I have been nearly overwhelmed by how cool it is. It goes far beyond simple lists and holding appointments, but it does handle those brilliantly. I’ve got all my appointments listed in there as well as several ToDo lists and I’ve decided to put reminders for all my bills in there. What I really like is the recurring item feature. I check off that a bill’s been dealt with and then it not only shows as complete for the month but appears again as a future task. Very handy!

I still need to get it synced with Outlook, but right now it’s working extremely well at showing me what I have coming up. I still think there are a ton of features I haven’t used yet simply because I’m just not that task oriented.

I can see why this app has so many positive reviews, it really is that good.

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