Ballmer claims to be in charge of Microsoft by firing everyone

I’ve been reading several articles where people feel Ballmer is now showing he’s really in charge of Microsoft and is finally asserting his authority and making real decisions for the company. From what I can tell he’s either driven off or outright fired anyone and everyone who disagreed with him. I mean look at all the people who’ve left in the past year or so. Basically the head of every branch has decided to shove off and seek shelter elsewhere. I think that’s kind of funny actually. It’s hard to say what’s really going on here, is everyone leaving because they don’t like the direction the company is going or have they been sent sailing because they haven’t produced anything useful in the past decade?

But either way, Ballmer has sloughed off the past and is basically starting with a clean slate. So, what does he have up his sleeve? What new products will Microsoft launch into the public space that will get their stock price out of the $30 range? Dare we think it could hit $100? Could it split? Looking beyond tablets, what is Microsoft going to give us? Can Windows 8 do something more exciting than hook up to the cloud?

I really don’t think Ballmer has done that great of a job while at the helm of MS. Products have been weak and the stock is dead. What new game is he going to unleash for the next 5 years? Microsoft really seems to be struggling these days. No doubt they are still pulling in plenty of revenue per year, but are they really the technology powerhouse they once were? Are they really shaping and leading the marketplace? Are people looking to them to decide which direction technology will go?

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