VLC is driving me mad!

I’ve said it before, I love the idea of the VLC app for iPad. Being able to copy AVI files straight to the iPad is so damn convenient and something Apple should make the iPad support natively. But alas they don’t, and alas VLC doesn’t seem to support it either. Sure, you can copy all sorts of TV episodes or video clips over and they do play, sort of, but I constantly have the problem where the video will stop after 5-10 minutes, every time I try to play something, for every video I try. I’ve tried movies, I’ve tried TV episodes, I’ve tried cartoons and no matter what I do the playback always hangs and VLC has to be shut down. And it’s never in the same place twice so I know the clip isn’t bad. And I watch these clips in Windows Media Player without issue. Alas, it seems some incompatibility or some other glitch is plaguing me. VLC will have to go back on the shelf for the time being and I’ll need to go back to converting the files to MP4.

It’s time consuming but the Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate actually works really well for this. There was a free giveaway not too long ago and I’ve been using this app to convert clips to MP4 for the iPad. It works very well and supports multiple import and export formats. It’s still time consuming, but it works.

I’m tempted to try out the CineXplayer and see how that works. The reviews seem pretty good, I just don’t want to run into the same problem I’ve already got.

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