Is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit the best game of the year?

That could certainly be a bold statement considering games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Real Racing and Dungeon Hunter. But, EA has a real winner here. Sure, the first iteration left a little something to be desired, but EA has rallied and given us the rest of the game. You can now play as the cops and the fugitive racer. You now get the complete package in one great iPad game. Plus, the price is still ridiculously low.

So is it the best game of the year? It hasn’t been out the longest. It’s not the most original game either. But it has something; something that keeps you coming back. It creates that urge to play; to pick it up and "have another go".

Hot Pursuit really has a lot going for it; easy to play, good graphics, and with the new fixes a whole new way to play and more balanced challenges. It offers a lot of game play and when playing on the iPad showcases just what a true mobile gaming platform it can be. I’ve played a lot of games this year and this one might actually be the best game of the year.


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