You can’t beat this experience!

I installed the latest update for Chapters – Notebooks for Writing last night and things didn’t quite go as planned. There was a slight glitch which caused the app to crash every time I clicked the Done button on a note. I tried a new note and a new notebook with the same result.

I checked the iTunes reviews and the Chapters Twitter account and didn’t see anything in regards to the error. Just as I thought, something to do with my machine. No big deal. I did a quick backup of my notes and then removed it from the iPad. A few minutes later I restored the old version from my iTunes backup and everything was fine again.

I checked again this morning and seeing no signs of the issue I let Steve Romej (the dev) know of the problem. Much to my surprise I got a reply within 45 minutes thanking me for the info and apologizing for the problem. Since I’d downgraded there wasn’t much to do, but he was going to look into it. No problem, everything is fine on my end.

Much to my surprise again, I get another email a little later saying he found the problem, fixed it, and submitted a new update to the app store.

All I can say is wow!!

Talk about taking care of a problem!! Not only is Chapters a really good note taking app, but Steve is a great dev and really shines in the customer service department. Impressive to say the least!

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