Nice bargains over the weekend

There were several really good sales this weekend so I grabbed several new apps. First up was Veggie Samurai HD which was free (probably still is for a few more hours). I actually like this version over Fruit Ninja (which I also have). I like being able to slice the veggie multiple times. And the sounds are a little more over the top which amuses me.

I also picked up Manage, a task list manager. The review looks pretty positive and I only need a simple task list. From what I can see, this will suit my needs just fine and it was only $0.99. If you’re looking for a task manager I think you should at least give it a look. It should still be one sale.

Finally, as a trip down memory lane I bought Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes; a Choose Your Own Adventure game. I used to love these things years ago and have been looking to play them again. The game looks really good and I only had a minute to get started with it, but it looks really good. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into it tonight.

And there was a lot of Trucks and Skulls this weekend. Damn that game is fun!

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