Microsoft has completely missed the mobile market

Say what you like, but the world doesn’t revolve around Windows Phone 7 or Microsoft. Quite frankly the more I watch the mobile market, the more Microsoft doesn’t play into it. From where I sit, Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote are the apps everyone wants to integrate with. I don’t see a single Microsoft app in the mix. If you write a note taking app it needs to integrate with one of these or no one will take you seriously. I think it’s getting to the point where you can’t be online without having Dropbox or Google Docs support, even on your desktop. I think both of those apps have become ubiquitous.

Over the recent months, I’ve seen more and more products integrating with Evernote. Personally I don’t think Evernote is as good as OneNote, but I have to say, OneNote may be on the way out at this rate. You can’t keep letting people walk away like this. Notebooks, Chapters, Awesome Note and plenty of others will let you sync with Dropbox so you can always have your notes with you. OneNote is going to become obsolete here pretty shortly. Sure, I’ll be able to sync my notes between work and home, but if I can’t get to those on my mobile device, which I use with more and more regularity, what good does it do me? Eventually, I’ll have to switch just to avoid the hassles.

Does Microsoft actually make an online solution that doesn’t require you to use IE to access it? Are they deliberately trying to phase themselves out? Yet another example of Microsoft just sitting back and watching the world go by.

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