Trucks and Skulls – Things that go boom!

I applaud every bit of success that Angry Birds has achieved with its millions of downloads and multiple platforms. However, I have never really been on board playing that type of game. Until now.

Enter Trucks and Skulls. I bought this game on a whim. It had hundreds of top notch reviews about destruction and explosions. I was drawn in. And while the game is apparently an almost direct clone of Angry Birds, I ran down the battery of the iPad quite handily while playing this for several hours and dozens of levels.

You know the premise; you take an object, load it onto the platform, set the angle and velocity and let it rip. This time, that object is a monster truck, bomb laden truck, gas filled tanker or some other highly volatile rig and you hurl it at a bomb laden structure as you try to demolish all the skulls. It’s simple and ridiculous and awesome.

The graphics are simple but well done. The explosions are mighty. The trucks will make you laugh with how they work or how they misfire as the case may be. The over the top heavy metal music just adds to the entertainment. And there are dozens and dozens of levels to get through. They aren’t just silly levels cobbled together either. Many of them take multiple tries to get the timing and angles right. You won’t be breezing through this in 10 minutes and putting it aside never to play it again.

And if that isn’t enough, there is a level editor, the same one the actual game was created with so you can make your own mayhem. I think this last feature alone will give this game some serious replay value. Plus, once other people start making levels who knows what you’ll be able to play.

Overall, this game is definitely worth the $1.99 and with the level editor I think there is some seriously long life to this game. If you’re looking for an odd change of pace this should have plenty to offer you.


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