Best Thanksgiving Ever!

I’m going to have to chalk up this Thanksgiving as the best one ever! Not only was my turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, biscuits and jalapeno bread (not to mention the several pies) all perfect, but I pushed everything aside and simply sat on the couch reading books and playing games on the iPad. I indulged heavily in the Gameloft sale, picking up several new titles, and took advantage of several other sales that were going on. For example I grabbed Cogs HD, and Trucks and Skulls for some puzzle excitement to compliment the carnage of my other titles.

With all this game playing, I really came away with some gems. Conquist is a great discovery (Risk style world domination), Trucks and Skulls had me cracking up, and I was laying waste to zombies in Rage HD. And that was just on Thanksgiving!

Hopefully you grabbed one of the hundreds of titles on sale over the break. My iPad is now loaded with new games. I need another vacation just so I can get to them all!

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