Cut Cut Boom Pro HD for $0.99

Cut Cut Boom is the most exciting game that you never played before. You impersonate a chef during the game. Just slice the animals on screen with your finger to clean their feathers. Be careful of bombs. If you touch them, the game is over.
The game features
★ Incredible Bang
★ Leaderboards & 19 Awards
★ Halloween Candy
★ Amazing Artwork
★ 2 game modes,
★ natural background,
★ combination of rare animals,
★ extra bonuses and amazing game play

Basically it’s yet another clone of Fruit Ninja. While it may not have all the feature of Fruit Ninja or Veggie Samurai, the game play is similar, the graphics are very nicely done and it’s an iPad version for only $0.99.

You can slice and dice your way to hefty combos while you avoid the bombs. While you’re waiting on one of the other games to go on sale, this is worth picking up. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more content from this one.


Cut Cut Boom HD Pro


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