What’s the deal with this iPhone 4G?

First off, why is everyone wetting themselves over this thing? The next generation of iPhone is scheduled to come out soon, why the hysteria? It’s not like we aren’t familiar with a phone and its features. But putting all that aside, I think the "stealing" of the iPhone, playing with it for a week or so, then dismantling it is a pretty dick thing to do. Umm, that’s someone’s property you asses, what right do you have to keep it then break it? Who the hell do you think you are?

Maybe all of this is a publicity stunt by Apple or Gizmodo, but if the story is true and someone accidently left this phone behind and these kept it, that’s pretty crappy. Sure, take some pictures and post them, but egad, keeping it and using it for yourself? That’s pretty shitty guys.

I hope nobody gets hold of your personal phones and then publishes the information all over the web. That would suck wouldn’t it?


Update: I guess I’m not the only one who thinks Gizmodo is a bunch of poo flinging monkeys. But then again, you have to ask yourself, legitimate leak of iPhone details or clever publicity stunt? Is Gizmodo making up the whole "iPhone" left behind story and they’re working with Apple or did they really pay for stolen goods? Either way, they look pretty sketchy to me right now.

Apple should sue Gizmodo over stolen iPhone prototype
Gizmodo reveals Apple engineer who lost iPhone prototype, paid $5,000 for it
Gizmodo paid for iPhone 4G: so are they receivers of stolen goods?

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