Just spent a few minutes with the iPad

And now I really want one.

A guy at work just brought his in and a few of us spend a few minutes checking out. Wow, it looks really nice. I have the Touch so yes, it’s a big version of that, which is fine with me since I very much enjoy the Touch. The screen is bright, and the apps look great. Native apps look very nice and even for iPhone apps there is the 2X button which doubles the size to fill the screen. Quite frankly, that looks pretty good too. They may not be perfect but it will keep you from repurchasing all your apps, unless you want to.

Just from my brief usage, I really want one. The virtual keyboard is huge! It looks to be no problem to sit down and do some typing. Not sure if you’ll be able to write your memoirs, but it’s not bad at all.

Really the only thing that might be an issue is the actual size. It’s a bit hard to hold in one hand and type with the other. But when it comes to playing games it’s easy to hold and use.

Seriously, the price is the only thing holding me back. If I could shave a few bucks off the price I’d get one. What’s funny though, I see the iPad in addition to my Touch, not actually replacing it. Unless you carry a back or backpack with you everywhere, the iPad isn’t exactly portable. Sure, you could carry it around like a thin book or magazine, but that would get old pretty quick.

Still, it’s sexy, and I like it!

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