The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

Finally! I got to the end of The Lost Symbol today. With all the interruptions it took me two weeks to listen to it all. Can’t you people see I have more important things to do than work on my projects?

Anyway, I like Dan Brown’s other stories and I like this one too. In many ways it was a combination of Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code. It wasn’t as suspenseful as Angels and Demons, but it had the usual cliffhangers and twists and turns. Plus, learning about the Masons was quite intriguing.

Lots of people can’t get on board his books because they feel you have to accept too many coincidences, that he takes liberties with the information presented and his characters don’t have clear motivations for their actions. Clearly these guys have never watched an episode of 24, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds or any other drama that airs on television these days. I mean seriously, 24 has no plot holes?

I like Dan’s use of word play and explanations out the old translations. Maybe it’s real, maybe it isn’t, but if it gets people thinking and researching it seems like it achieved its goal. Again, it’s a work of fiction.

Many comments are made about his use of language as being trite, confusing, unnecessary and that the plots are too outrageous and overdone. Well let’s just step back a moment and have a look at something. One series I can’t stand is Harry Potter. To put it simply it’s crap. What started off as a kid’s book turned into the epitome of a commercial sellout. Now these books are 1,500 pages of overindulgent garbage. But, they get kids (and adults) reading, talking and doing things together, so for that, they have tremendous value. Dan Brown’s books get people thinking, talking, researching and wondering and for that, they also have tremendous value. Sometimes it takes a conspiracy theory to get someone involved. Sometimes it takes flying broomsticks.

I had fun with this book, it’s not Angels and Demons but it will certainly give you several days worth of entertainment.

Considering all the interruptions there is a really good chance I will listen to this one again over Thanksgiving.

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