Windows 7, grasping at straws

We can think of several reasons to invest in Windows 7. It’s faster than Vista and more secure than XP. The new taskbar rocks. UAC is much less intrusive than it was in Vista. And did we mention it’s fast? But if you’re still not convinced Windows 7 should be your next OS, consider that you could be helping the economy rebound, according to research firm IDC.

Hmm, what if we don’t buy Windows 7? Would that mean Microsoft would once again go back to the drawing board and try to build and OS that people actually want? I’m terribly amused that everyone compares Win 7 to Vista. That’s basically comparing hospital food and airline food. Vista is and will always be a piece of crap operating system, there’s no two ways about it. It was junk from the day it came out, and it’s still junk after it’s service packs. Saying you improved on Vista is hardly an accomplishment.

I’m still hard pressed to find compelling reasons to upgrade to Win 7. A pretty UI (if you can call Win 7 that) isn’t going to make me all a flutter. I reskin my machine weekly with Windowblinds. I’ve had an enhanced UI for years! I still haven’t seen a feature set or offering that makes me feel I need Win 7 and that I’m missing out by using XP. I have Vista on my laptop and hate it. I have XP on my desktop machines and it works just fine for me. I’ve never felt that I’m missing out on something.

I’ll have to upgrade one of these days, especially if I buy a new machine, but I’ll be upgrading for hardware reasons, not because Win 7 is offering me something.

And just to say it, I think this article is pretty lame, the same thing could be said about any piece of software or any OS including Apple’s Snow Leopard or Google’s OS. Hell, how many jobs do you think have been created because of iPhone sales???

Do Your Part to Save the Economy – Buy Windows 7

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