Flock is Good!

I have given Flock a sturdy test run and it’s impressive to say the least. It’s not perfect and could use more in the way of visual clues when something has been updated, but there is no denying the power of its integration. Yes, you can get a lot of the same power and functionality with plugins for Firefox, but that doesn’t take away from what Flock does. The ability to combine email, blogs, feeds and social networks altogether is powerful and useful. There is little doubt that as we move forward we will spend even more time within our browser and Flock provides an environment where you can accomplish so much in the same workspace.

I like Flock and I like what it can do. I would like to see some improvements in how it notifies you that something has changed, especially when you aren’t looking at the browser. But when that happens it can easily replace several standard desktop apps and do it quicker and with less memory usage.

There is also little doubt that Flock is the model other browsers will soon be following. I fully expect to see Chrome and Firefox follow suit with bundled features already setup and ready to use. Internet Explorer has a long way to go to keep up simply because Microsoft takes so much more time between revs. But I’m going to dig into Flock a little more, maybe there are some ways to work around a few shortcomings.

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