100 miles or bust!

The weekend was one of rememberence and of gratitude. A great appreciation for the men and women who make it possible for people like me to do things like this.

But make no mistake it was one of gluttony as well. A fine feast of ribs, hamburger, hotdogs, chicken and BBQ pork roast. Oh yes indeed, it was all that. It was in a word, delicious! But now I must make amends, so I’ve decided to do something quite ridiculous and foolish. The goal for the day is to ride my bike for 100 miles.

I’ve decided to set up the bike and trainer in front of the TV and pedal forward. By my guess it will probably take around 6 hours to get this done. But I have come prepared, I have queued up episodes of Criminal Minds, NCIS and CSI Miami to help me along my journey.

The first parts should be easy, but I’m not sure how things will be after a few hours.

It’s time to begin!

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