Mountain Dew Throwback


I finally got my hands on some. And it is good!

It is sweeter and almost tastes like a lemon drop for a second. It even has more of a lemon/citrus fragrance to it. No, I’m not going around sniffing Mt. Dew bottles like some sort of junkie. And no I’m not being snobbish by using fragrance rather than smell. Get your own bottle and tell me what it smells like. 🙂

Going to get the Dew was maddening as the grocery store was over-crowded and the stupid machine wouldn’t take Debit cards. Of course the snotty-nosed cashier failed to mention that to me as I swiped the card then proceeded to berrate me when I did it wrong. Oh you wicked harpy, you’ll get yours one day.

But my God the sugar content is through the roof! For a 20oz bottle, it’s 73g of sugar and 280 calories. Clearly I won’t be able to drink too many of these. At least not without swelling up like a balloon.

Too bad it doesn’t come in 2 liter bottles, but then again drinking one of those could cause all manner of problems! I could be awake for days! 🙂

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