I was confused by 24

Since I haven’t watched most of the season I guess it’s my own fauly, but the season finale kind of confused me. However, it only took mere seconds of Elisa Cuthbert being on screen to make me groan. Everytime she shows up it’s always the same thing. Every cliche horror mistake is larger than life right there on the screen.

Tony was denied his revenge. Clearly he did not read the evil doers handbook which says you should avoid making a soliloquy and revealing all your plans and reasons until your opponent is dead! He took to long and now he’s been arrested. Shoot first, then explain what the hell you did it for later.

Aaron proves he is still a badass and knows all. When you need master trickery he is the man for the job.

But at least the President did the right and didn’t cover up the misdeeds of her daughter. Of course the husband is a complete pansy in the situation, but the Chief shows some stones and does the right thing. And who knows, she might have a date with Ethan when this is all over.

And of course, there’s Jack, in the hospital, in one of those paper gowns with his ass hanging out the back end. He saves the world but can’t cover up. The indignity.

I guess there are already plans for Season 8 so at least a few of these characters are coming back. We can only assume Jack survives this dangerous and experimental procedure which of course will make him super human and able to kick the crap out of the bad guys. Or it might make him a bed ridden pansy who has to use a bed pan. But I don’t really think you could make a whole season out of that.

Maybe Agent Walker is going to step in and be the bad ass for next season. She’s seen some bad things. She’s done some bad things. She has a bad attitude and the guy she’s been sleeping with is dead. A perfect combination for a woman to run around with a loaded gun seeking revenge.

Have no fear, I’m sure Tony will be back.

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