Slow progress

The formatting took an exceptionally long time to complete so I just barely got Windows installed last night. There was some odd glitch where XP installed as the K: drive so I had to reinstall to fix that.

I managed to get the video, audio and network drivers on there and just finished SP3 before the end of the night. The video proved to be a bit annoying. I have 2 video cards and three monitors so the system was all confused over which monitor was which and what order they should display in.

That’s about as far as I got. I have to say a new install of XP is wicked fast. It feels like I can get to a desktop within 20 seconds of reboot, if it even takes that long. I’m going to have to be careful with adding apps that install services which will slow everything down.

I doubt I will be able to finish the project tonight, the 24 season finale is on. Jack Bauer takes precedence over big hard drives.

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