Star Trek

Star Trek exceeded all my expectations and I have no doubt this is a revival of the Star Trek movies.

I am a big fan of the original Star Trek. I have fond memories of the episodes and certainly liked the characters and their adventures. I was drawn into the first few seasons of The Next Generation, but didn’t see any of the movies. Deep Space 9 was hit and miss, but I completely skipped Voyager and Enterprise.

I have to admit, I don’t like movies that deal with time travel. Maybe it’s too convenient, maybe cliche, maybe it’s hard to take anything seriously since it all can change in an instant. While that plays a part in the story it’s not enough to be a problem.

We start right in the middle of the action with the crew of the Kelvin under attack and George Kirk at the helm. We see dad’s leadership and sacrifice. We also see the destructive power of the enemy.

And then we see young Kirk and young Spock. We move quickly through their formative years getting a few quick pieces that make up their personalities. We jump ahead to the Academy and see Kirk developing leadership skills and Spock developing his discipline.

The way the crew comes together is excellent and fun. Uhura getting drinks in the bar, Bones on the transport, Chekov already on the bridge and Sulu making a newbie blunder with the jump to wrap speed. For those waiting for Scotty to show, just hang on, he eventually makes an appearance.

I didn’t expect much from this movie and if Donna wasn’t so taken with Simon Pegg I would have skipped this one. that would have been a mistake. Simply put, this movie is good stuff. It’s got comedy, action, tense moments, the computer graphics are well done and it’s just a fun story to watch. ALL the actors do a fantastic job of playing the younger versions of the well known characters. Zachary Quinto is excellent as Spock with the slow deliberate delivery of his lines, the raising of one eyebrow, and dropping “fascinating” in the middle of the action.

Pine and Kirk works well, he’s driven but not annoying. Sulu lays down ass kicking of his own and Chekov works his magic at the helm.

Simply put, I liked it and I hope they do another. While my affection for Lost disappeared a few seasons ago, Abrams really put together a great Star Trek movie and I hope his next effort is just as good.

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