Angels & Demons

The first thing to note is that there are vast differences between the novel and the movie. Major portions have been omitted or significantly changed in order to make it work on the big screen and in the time allotted. The movie starts off in the middle of the action which the characters being brought to Vatican City through by different means than the book. There is nowhere near as much interaction between Vittoria and Robert as their is in the book and several characters featured prominently in the book are also missing. If you’re looking for all the back story and nuances that gave the book such depth you may be disappointed. That being said it was still a fine movie with plenty of action and drama to keep the story moving.

Quite frankly I liked the movie, in the same way I liked The Da Vinci Code. It’s not really faiithful to the book, but as a stand alone story it’s enjoyable. The movie goes along at a pretty fast clip, but some of the scenes seem disjointed but it’s not enough to throw you off. Donna hasn’t read the book and she enjoyed the movie immensely. She was also a fan of Da Vinci and found the story quite dramatic and interesting.

I can’t say I’m totally satisfied with the ending. Many aspects have changed and many of the reasonings for the events taking place as they do has been completely omitted. Whether that was done because of time constraits or not wanting to commit offense I don’t know. But I find the reworked ending far less powerful and shocking than the original. It works and captures some of the key elements, but other key points are simply left out.

Overall a fun movie and a pretty decent adaptation considering the vast material they had to work with. If you liked The Da Vinci Code there is no reason you won’t like this one. It has a very similar style and pace. It won’t win any awards but as far as entertainment goes you should have a good time.

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