Soon, very soon

I was so tempted to go to the midnight showing of Angels & Demons, but alas, time just isn’t on my side. I really wish I could go tonight, but unfortunately that isn’t going to work out either. But make no mistake, I’m going tomorrow. And even though the bad reviews are already coming in, it’s not going to stop me. So many people thumbed their nose at Da Vinci code but I found the movie quite entertaining. Of course, I can’t trust reviews since so many people gave the thumbs up to Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull movie which I thought was a complete piece of crap.

I can’t wait to see it and for the next Dan Brown book to hit the shelves. I think he has a wonderful simple style to his writing. It’s not great literature, but I really like the style and his simple approach. The plots and theories are outlandish and that’s where the fun comes from.

Ron Howard is at the helm and I have complete confidence that those who actually like the book and don;t get wrapped up in the relgious aspects will enjoy it.

And then of course there is Star Trek. Again, not high on my list, but we’ll see what that Simon Pegg guy is up to.

Finally, I think I will sit on the porch with a bottle of wine and debate the finer points of both movies.

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