Digital Fortress is now complete

Even though this launch took way longer than expected I did manage to get a lot of reading done. Well, listening actually. I got through The Da Vinci Code, Angels&Demons and Digital Fortress in the amount of time it took to test this site. Actually, listening along while working on testing is working out pretty well. I will have to get some more audio books for the months ahead since there is a lot of new stuff coming.

I do have Deception Point in the wings which I’ll start on Monday. Yeah I know, there is a Dan Brown love fest going on. But I like the guy’s work, even Digital Fortress which I still think is a good story.

After that, I might switch over to some Agatha Christie and listen to some of the great mysteries with Hercule Poriot. I have all the damn movies so I might as well listen to the stories. If you know a place that has them on the cheap let me know!

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