Happy Easter

Holy Crap, what a weekend! Wow! We made a ton of food. Cooked up a big chicken, added some ham, mixed in some potatoes, some green bean casserole, whipped up some biscuits and topped it all off with this crazy sponge cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.

And then there was the hiding of the eggs. Nothing says fun like hiding the plastic eggs only to have your dogs unearth them and bat them about the living room. Apparently dogs like an Easter Egg Hunt just like the rest of us.

For entertainment we ended up watching a few episodes of The Mentalist and Lie to Me. Damn those shows are good. That quirky humor in The Mentalist is fun to watch and Patrick Jane is just one strange dude. He’s the con man gone good.

And Lie to Me? Wow, can’t look at people the same way after you watch a few episodes of that show. I love how they splice in the real life politicians and show off how their gestures prove their lying!

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