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I came across a really cool game yesterday. I’m a big fan of puzzle games and by chance came across the game Escape Rosecliff Island. The screenshots looked pretty cool so I decided to download it and have a look. The premise is simple, you go to a certain location and find all the items listed. Ok, that makes it sounds dumb, but the items blend in the with background, look like other objects and basically you spend 20 minutes staring at an optical illusion trying find things hidden in plain sight. Quite frankly it’s brilliant.

I found out they have a whole series of games like this and I just literally found the Sleepy Hollow version. I’ll have to get a copy of that one.

The fun thing is to play the game on the big screen TV. It’s pretty funny to stand back in the middle of the living room pointing at stuff, especially if you have kids.

I’m not sure what the replay value is, but these games look pretty cool!

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